Local, Licensed, Bonded an Insured
utah pest control
We have been doing pest control for over 30 years. YES, WE LOVE
OUR WORK! We have done everything from removing carcasses
from crawl spaces to giant fumigations where multiple buildings are
covered with tarps and a fog is released inside to eliminate pest
problems. We like to customize our service to meet your needs and
wants and to exceed your expectations; hence our name
AWESOME. utah pest control

We have done jobs as small as treating a 2 foot section in a kitchen
or removing a 2 inch sized wasp nest, to consulting work for new
construction on mega building complexes or bird work for major
apartment complexes. We have years of experience treating all
of the insects and rodents listed on our home page and many that
are not listed as well, such as moles, voles, squirrels, scorpions,
etc. We have successfully completed more than 34,000 jobs over
the years and look forward to many more.


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