Earwigs (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earwigs)

Earwig is the common name given to the insect order Dermaptera, characterized by membranous wings folded underneath short forewings (hence the literal name of the order—”skin wings”). The abdomen extends beyond the wings, and frequently ends in a pair of forceps-like structures called cerci. The order is relatively small among Insecta, with about 1,800 recorded species in 12 families. Earwigs are found in the Americas and Europe. There is no evidence that they transmit disease to humans or other animals.

Most earwigs are elongated, flattened, and are dark brown. Lengths are mostly in the quarter- to half-inch range (10–14 mm), with the Saint Helena earwig reaching three inches long (80 mm). Cerci range from nonexistent to long arcs up to one-third as long as the rest of the body. Their mouthparts are designed for chewing, as in other orthopteroid insects. Flight capability in Dermaptera is varied, as there are species with and without wings. In those earwigs that have wings (are not apterous), the hindwings are folded in a complex fashion, so that they fit under the forewings. Most species of winged earwigs are capable of flight, yet they rarely do.

The abdomen of the earwig is flexible and muscular. It is capable of maneuvering as well as opening and closing the forceps. The forceps are used for a variety of purposes. In some species, the forceps have been observed in use for holding prey, and in copulation. The forceps tend to be more curved in males than in females.

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