Q: Is it safe for newborns, children, pets, pregnant women, elderly, those on oxygen, and those with asthma?
Yes. We use a plant based material derived from chrysanthemum seeds that is odorless. This is effective for over 90 insects. We have been using this safely and very successfully for years. We also use a dust (Nibor/Timbor – disodium octaborate tetrahydrate) that has been used successfully and safely for over 50 years. This dust is especially deadly to termites, carpenter ants, roaches, spiders,ants, and wasps but safe for people, pets and the environment.
All the materials we use are approved and registered with the EPA and with the Utah Department of Agriculture. We leave you a service ticket that lists what we used, the active ingredient of each material used and the % of same, the amount used, how it was applied, and where it was applied, and the EPA registration # of each.

Q: Do we have to leave?
No. The only time you have to leave is if the situation requires fogging, in which case we would tell you up front. Most problems do not involve fogging (or bombing, as most people call it.)

Q: Does it have an odor?
All the materials we use are odorless and safe.

Q: How long will it take to treat my home?
That depends on the size of your home and garage, the type of problem(s) you have us treat for, and how many men we send out on a job. To give you some idea, a 2800-3200 square foot home with a 2 car garage, treated for ants, spiders, wasps, inside and outside, may take 1 man 2-2 ½ hours or 2 technicians 1-1 ½ hours. All of our services are EXTREMELY thorough.

Q: How long will it take to treat my business?
Again, that depends on the problem(s) treated, the size of the structure, and the number of men we send out. All of our services are EXTREMELY thorough.

Q: Do I have to sign a contract?
No, and we offer a guarantee on all our services. If you want a contract we can provide one. We customize our services to your needs and wants.

Q: Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?

Q: Is there a guarantee?
Yes, all our work is guaranteed; in most cases we can offer a 90 day guarantee even without a contract. The great majority of our customers find our service is effective for much longer than 90 days. Call for details for your situation.

Q: Do you set a specific time or do you give a window of time for an appointment?
We prefer to set a specific time but occasionally due to the volume of business we may give you a 1 to 2 hour window of time. We pride ourselves on being on time and prompt, and if we see that we may be delayed, we do call you to let you know so you are not wondering. Your time is valuable and we will not waste it.

Q: What types of buildings do you treat?
We treat all types of homes, crawl spaces, commercial buildings, industrial buildings, government buildings, churches, schools, hospitals, restaurants, fast food establishments, warehouses, professional office buildings, public buildings (like libraries)garages, barns, sheds, storage units, vehicles, yards, playgrounds, fences, and railroad ties, etc. We have completed over 34,000 jobs over a span of more than 30 years.

Q: How often should I treat my home?
It depends on the problem(s) but most of our residential customers find that once a year is great after we have done a service; some prefer to treat it twice a year. Those with roaches or bedbugs may need to treat it twice within a 7-25 day period, if they prepare it right for service. We tell you how to prepare.

Q: How often should I treat our business/school/apartment complex/warehouse/hospital/etc.?
It depends on the problem(s) and your requirements. Some places have us treat it monthly, others quarterly, and some just once a year. All work is guaranteed.

Q: Do I have to treat inside and outside?
No, we tailor our services to your desires. We will advise you based on your situation but the final decision is yours. We have treated 1 room only, or just a part of the outside or 1 nest, etc., all based upon the customer’s desires. We customize our service to your desires.

Q: How much does it cost?
It is based upon the size of the area to treat (usually the square footage), the type of pest(s), sometimes the severity of the problem (in the case of roaches, bedbugs, or box elder bugs), and where you are located (this determines the travel time). These are the primary factors. Treating for termites involves lots of factors, and so that may require an actual on site inspection before any bid is made.

Q: Do you quote over the phone?
In most cases (termites are usually the exception) yes, we do quote over the phone.

Q: Is it effective if applied while it is raining or snowing?
Yes, in fact we use an exterior barrier that is perfect for moisture.

Q: How can I schedule an appointment?
The best way is to call 801-815-0599 in Salt Lake County and 801-722-5784 in Utah County.

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