How To Get Ready For Your Roach Service

    How To Get Ready For Your Roach Service

All cleaning and wiping down of shelving, cabinets, countertops and other surfaces should be done BEFORE your scheduled treatment. Cleaning these areas immediately or soon after treatment (up to a few weeks) will negatively impact the effectiveness of treatment.

The following steps should be performed by the homeowner to enable the technicial to perform the most thorough treatment possible:


  • Remove all items from cabinets and storage. This includes dishes, glasses, utensils, foods, supplies, etc.
  • Place all opened foods in the refrigerator or seal them in plastic bags or cover with a towel. This includes cereals, crackers, cookies, sugar, flour, spices, etc.
  • Above listed items may be placed on table tops or a living room floor and covered with a sheet or bath towels. Keep floor areas clear for walking and servicing.
  • Empty all trash cans. Remove paper grocery bags from the kitchen area.
  • Wash down all cabinets and shelving. Vacuum crevices around shelving to remove food debris.


  • Remove all items from medicine cabinets, storage cabinets and drawers.
  • Place all personal items (toothbrushes, toothpaste, cosmetics, toiletries, medications, etc.) in sealed plastic bags or tied plastic grocery bags. These bags may be placed in the bathtub along with other stored items. Please keep floor areas clear.


  • Move all items from closet floor areas and closet shelving.
  • Remove dresser drawers, night stand drawers and place on bed with items covered. If necessary, may place items on floor, but keep service area clear.


  • Arrange for access into attic areas. Remove stored items to provide access through trap doors where necessary.


  • Move all pet food, water dishes, pet toys and children’s toys away from the perimeter of the home.
  • Trim grass and weeds around perimeter of the home.
  • Remove all debris from the perimeter of the home. Including leaves, clippings, sticks, boards, etc.


  • Birds and reptiles must be removed from the structure.
  • Pet food dishes should be empty, clean and covered.
  • Fish tanks must be covered with a towel or sealed with plastic. Pumps should be turned off during the treatment.

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